Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blog Link: "If Venezuelans Do Not Act Now ..."


Marc Masferrer has an interesting little post that is nice and to the point up at his Uncommon Sense blog, long one of my favorites, as I have mentioned it in several previous entries here.

Marc has been one of the most knowledgeable bloggers anywhere on the very serious problem of Cuba's political prisoners and, in light of his valuable experience, I think his perspective is worth noting, given that he sees the culmination of Hugo Chavez's use of Cuban "advisors" in very clear terms:

. . . The evil that is emerging in Caracas is just a variant of that that has ravaged Cuba for 51 years, constantly nurtured by a monarchical regime afraid of its own people. . . .
Marc Masferrer

Yes Marc; the cowardice cannot be hidden any longer.

Check out his blog everyone.




Marcos Urbina said...

Not exactly their business
While Brazil’s President Lula and Castro brothers were conversing joyfully at a big luxurious dwelling in Havana, Cuba, suited with a wonderful swimming pool, poor humble Cuban people were mourning one sibling who had died at a Cuban prison: a family tragedy.

These new negotiations between Lula and Raul Castro were going on in the middle of the smart remarks and wisecrack heat, only a pretentious talk bold and deceitful as the happy compadres had made a deal to update, renew and modernize one of the oldest docks in this island. I myself saw on TV how Lula smiled happily at Raul Castro’s absurd, justification about why this prisoner had died, showing no sorrow at all.

Despite a Nation’s responsibility as well as a compromise to attend and care for a prisoner’s life and safety, in what it concerns to jail reclusion, these bureaucrats rushed to blame the Americans for the misfortune.

They had met again as the “old friends” they’ve always been, but rather provoked a whole continent anger and commotion around the civilized globe.

At the same time this was happening in Havana, another meeting was going on in Cancun at the “Dude’s Club” just hours before. These are the same guys that had made Honduran people embarrassed, and mortified to the utmost just because Honduran people had dared to get rid of an authoritative, corrupt pal.
These guys were too proud at accepting and support a dictatorship system in Cuba, along with Raul Castro, one more among the many Latin American has had to now. Cuban totalitarianism has always been an emblem of the most sinister and prolonged ones around the world.

It’s been rare or strange seeing President Lula protesting and moaning in his demands at urgent want for democracy in Honduras, an incongruity a gang leader maintains as he ended up in Habana carrying 150 million dollars in his saddlebags to mend Cuban communism.

This is about an irrational and contradictory silence and conformity on the part of these governors over the young politic prisoner’s dead body.
Castro’s regime has already reached and accumulated more than 200 politics imprisoned individuals. These Latin American presidents would rather play marbles with Raul Castro in Mexico -Cancun- while people watched astonished.

President Lula has led and ruled his country formally within an acceptable degree of democracy, but whenever he gets close to Fidel Castro, it is lips. On the other hand, it out of the question, Lula won’t be bothered by the prisoner’s fate in this island’s regime.

Let’s not hope too much coming from Venezuela either, as its constitution is like a virgin maidservant in the Black Jungle, already raped a thousand times. These Latin American leaders are far from feeling a people’s suffering while they meet to pretend negotiate and struggle at Cancun, seeking firm readjustment, discredited instead. I’m judging them as less prepared and equipped each time to face those gigantic countries that they claim to be crushing us and hinder our progress. Besides, they’ve met in a Latin American summit leaving the U.S.A. out.

A self-satisfied, puffed up autocrat was heard around conclusions reached at this summit, yet turned the deaf hear to the weeping and tearful Cuban people ignominy.

A sore and afflicted crowd was carrying a coffin along the street bound for the cemetery, while President Lula from Brazil counted the bills he would hand in to the Castro’s in Habana.

We can’t expect anything better from the perfect Club!! Companion in the crime. They won’t care about our disgrace any more.

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