Thursday, April 10, 2008

March in Caracas Friday: Remember 11 April 2002

One of the most heartbreaking events of recent Venezuelan history was the "April 11 Massacre" in Caracas on April 11, 2002, in which some 19 protestors marching against Hugo Chavez were killed and about 150 more wounded. It remains a difficult story to tell because Chavez has never permitted an open investigation into the matter, which leaves popular discussion exactly where he wants it -- his version versus our version.

Tomorrow there will be a march in Caracas to commemorate the sad event organized by the "11 Group" (Grupo 11), who have been working to get the story told and charges pressed against whoever is responsible.

I'm translating and posting an announcement of the march now up in at


Translation: 11 Group, For the Victims of April 11th, Crystal Park, this 4/11

The 11 Group, "We Want to Know," this Friday 11 April 2008, will be present in Crystal Park [Parque Cristal], at the Monument of the Fallen, [Monumento de los Caidos] the Great Woods [Los Palos Grandes] at 7 p.m. (after concentrating in Brion Plaza gathered in line at 4 p.m.). One more time, as on every 11th of the month, having [continued for] 1 year and five months, to honor the memory of all those who were killed in that glorious peaceful march that was converted into a massacre the 11th of April, 2002. There were 19 people killed and more than 150 injured by bullets, and at present no one is held either responsible, convicted, or judged, impartially and objectively, for either the dead or the wounded. For this charge we demand justice, the commitment of this group, the day of the 11th, as an emblem of the crimes, political prisoners and politically persecuted since 1999 and against terrorism. It is Forbidden to Forget! . . .

Among the gravely wounded, a dear friend, Malvina Pesate. A bullet hit her cheek destroying the bones of her face, without even having an open investigation to determine the causes of her serious injury, these days thanks to God she has recovered.

After the 11th of April, 2002, a purge unleashed the armed forces from institutionalized officials, it destroyed the Metropolitan Police of Caracas, imprisoning its Commissioners (Simonovis, Forero, Vivas) and the police who had defended us, and of course, began the dismantling of the professional oil industry substituting it with the "red" PDVSA of today and with that, thousands of employees were dismissed.

(After the concentration in Brion Plaza which gathers in line at 4 p.m.)

[The march] will proceed to the floral offering and the traditional minute of silence summoned by the directors and founding members: Luis Semprum, Maria Eugenia Fossi, Irma Gonzalez and whoever signs up. Accompanied by the brave founders, among whom Adela and Antonio Riso, Noel Leal, are our collaborating friends and relatives of some of the victims.

Day: Friday 11 April 2008
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Place: Monumento de los Caídos del 11A, In front of Parque Cristal, Los Palos Grandes

Our Motto: "The Desire of Freedom through Truth." Los Peones Negros

For the 11 Group
Martha Colmenares

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