Friday, October 17, 2008

Venezuelan Blogger Martha Colmenares Threatened by Basque Terrorist Supporter


The Six Most Wanted ETA Terrorists, Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Aitzol Etxaburu, Ander Múgica, Eneko Zarrabeitia,
Joseba Mikel Olza, Leire López and Saoia Sánchez.

It is with considerable anger that I must report that my very good friend and fellow Freedom Blogger Martha Colmenares has been threatened at her web site by an individual claiming to support the Basque terrorist group known as the ETA.

The threat, which was sent as a commentary response to Martha's post "Photos of the Most Sought-After ETA Terrorists," stated "walk carefully, the gun may be pointing towards you one day."

Intimidation is ugly under any circumstances, but especially so when it occurs in full view of the public.  Martha Colmenares has contacted French authorities, given that the IP address of the user who made the threat was traced to France, and she has forwarded all necessary information.

If anything should develop from this, I will post more.

In the meantime, I express my full support for and solidarity with Martha Colmenares, a true Freedom Blogger.



Kate said...

Thank you for reporting this. Martha has my support as well.

Martha Colmenares said...

Pasaba para actualizarme. No he sabido de ti.

Lazaro Gonzalez said...

I did not about this. I will linked it right away. Thanks. Regards.

firepig said...

We live in a world where criminals are glorified.

sorry to hear this.

good luck Martha !

Lazaro Gonzalez said...

I didn't recieved any news from you. Everything is ok?

John-Marc said...

I will apologize ahead of time. What I am going to say is not going to make most reading this happy.

I have trouble calling ETA simple terrorists. They only want the freedom they deserve. What do you call the founding fathers of the country we call the united states? You call them heros! But to the people fighting for freedom today we call villians!

Why is that?

If our founding fathers had the weapons and tactics of today I am sure they would have acted similarly. They would do what ever it takes to succeed from the crown.

So why is it now that the Basque who deserve independence just as much as every one else is wrong.

Do you have any idea what spain did to them? They killed the basque people for using their own language, defaced their grave stones, burned their literature. Please tell me why is it then we are condoning genocide here?

Let me leave a little bit of knowledge for you here!

The roots of ETA's support lie in attempts of the dictator Franco to suppress Basque nationalism. Since some Basque nationalists had sided with the Republican government in the Spanish Civil War, Franco restricted virtually any public expressions of Basque culture and banned all expressions of Basque nationalism, including public display of the nationalist flag (the Ikurriña), the celebration of nationalist holidays, speaking the Basque language in public or teaching the language in schools and even baptizing children with certain Basque names.

During the Franco era, ETA had considerable public support beyond the Basque populace reaching its peak after the 'Burgos Trials' of 1970—which drew international attention to the organisation's cause and highlighted the repressive nature of the Franco regime—and their assassination of Almirante Luis Carrero Blanco in 1973 (Carrero Blanco was appointed by Franco as Prime Minister and "strong-man" to rule Spain after his death).

Why not give them their freedom.

I am a proud basque american. I may not always agree with ETA methods but I support them in their right to freedom and independence from a foreign government!

Kristen said...

they killed a pregnant woman... because she was the wife of a police officer there. Yet u justify their actions with that long informational post??? dude. thats pretty creepy. basque isnt like that anymore, and Eta is pushing for more. their methods are terrible and u aknowledge that. but that past history is not something to use. My friend lived in Madrid, and it was fearful for her. most groups HAVE faced genocide and whats the use of being bitter?basque has rights now. u want full independence? some of those ppl killing r youths!! what the heck dude??? kids!!! rite? thats really messing with me there. they broke their ceacefire offer. u no that rite? they r terrorists and thats probably not going to change. please dont support terrorists. i no u probably wouldnt want to be afraid that u will die,

betadestiny said...
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Thanks for the terrorism news....i wasn't aware of these.....@Martha, take heart everything will be alright.

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What did Martha do to deserve all these?.....hope it will be solved wisely

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