Saturday, November 21, 2009

Intimidation of Cuban bloggers continues: Update from Penúltimos Días

Nueva golpiza y mitin de repudio contra blogueros (updated)


Reinaldo Escobar

I have a short note to post here by way of an update on the earlier news I posted regarding the violent intimidation of Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez and others in Havana on Friday, November 6.

Penúltimos Días has posted an update on a new incident in which Yoani's husband Reinaldo Escobar, who has his own blog at Desde aquí, was beaten in full view of members of the foreign press by a pro-Castro crowd in Havana on Friday.

Reinaldo is alright and you can see a series of four photos of the attacking crowd subjecting him to abuse at his own blog at the link posted above.

I am going to add those photos images in right here, in which I include a small red arrow pointing to Reinaldo so that he is clearly visible. Please notice the presence of the foreign press and the fact that Castristas are completely unintimidated by their presence.

Reinaldo enters the demonstration area

And the subsequent violent abuse

And Reinaldo's reaction? Well, he entitled his post "Para empezar a perdonar" which we would translate as "To Begin to Forgive."

Reinaldo Escobar is a man worth knowing about. What more needs to be said?



Ziva said...

No more proof is necessary of press complicity with the Castro regime. Where are the news stories denouncing this barbarism?

StJacques said...


The press thinks that it only looks like barbarism but it's really not because; well, they offer health care, don't they? Of course, we also know that's not entirely true too, but then they don't want to discuss that either, do they?

Gracias por tu comentario Ziva. Te veré en Babalú.