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Kool-Aid al Chavista: The U.S. Earthquake Weapon Attack on Haiti


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Sometimes it's so good it's unbelievable. And it is unbelievable, in case some of you out there are cruising the web trying to argue the nonsensical.

Anyway, here's the latest from the Chavez regime; the United States caused the Haitian earthquake.  And while it may not come directly from Hugo's mouth, his ministry of information and more are circulating the story. (See update note below.) The Cubans are now in on the act, and they are also backing up this ridiculous allegation.

While there is an overabundance of misinformation and disinformation out there on the supposed tie-in between the High Altitude Auroral Frequency Research Program (HAARP) and the Haitian earthquake, as well as its purported relevance to recent earthquakes in Sichuan, China; Eureka, California; and more. The plain fact of the matter is that the physics, especially geophysics in this instance, are just not there to back it up. A lot more could be added, but it simply wastes time. To even begin to go down that road, I would have to include the reports of UFO sightings over Port au Prince the night before the earthquake.  Yes; it's just that outlandish because, of course, they would be aware of the development of this quantum leap forward in human war-making capabilities, and would be seen monitoring its use.  Oh My God!

What follows is a translation into English of an article posted at the ViVe television network site, a Chavez propaganda organ within the Venezuelan Ministry of Information, which presents this outrageous story as fodder for the conspiracy theorists of the world to lap up as mother's milk.

"Experimental Earthquake" of the United States Devastated Haiti

The [Russian] Northern Fleet has been monitoring American naval movements and activities in the Caribbean since 2008 when the Americans announced their intention of reestablishing the Fourth Fleet that had been dissolved in 1950, to which Russia responded a year later with a Russian fleet headed by the nuclear cruiser "Peter the Great," beginning their first exercises in that region since the end of the Cold War.

Since the end of the decade of the 1970's, the United States has "enormously advanced" the state of its earthquake weapons and, according to these reports, now employs devices that use Pulse, Plasma, and Tesla Electromagnetic Sonic technology together with "shockwave bombs."

Moreover, the report compares the American navy's testing of two of these "earthquake weapons"; last week, when a test in the Pacific caused a magnitude 6.5 earthquake, hitting the area around the city of Eureka, in California, without causing deaths, with its test in the Caribbean which has already caused the deaths of at least 140,000 innocent people.

As the report indicates, it is "probable" that the American navy would have had "total knowledge" of the catastrophic damage that its earthquake test potentially could have on Haiti and that it would have pre-positioned its appointed commander of the Southern Command, General P.K. Keen, on the island to supervise relief efforts if needed.

As for the final outcome of the tests of these weapons on the part of the United States, the report warns, it is the U.S. plan for the destruction of Iran through a series of earthquakes designed to bring down the current Islamic regime.

According to the aforementioned report, the system tested by the United States (Project HAARP) would in addition permit it to create climatological anomalies causing floods, droughts, and hurricanes.

By agreement with another coinciding report, they have data which establishes that the earthquake in Sichuan, China, 12 May 2008 with a magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter scale, also was created by HAARP radiofrequency.

Since a correlation exists between seismic activity and the ionosphere, through control of the radiofrequency induced by hippocampus, within the framework of HAARP, we conclude that:

1. Earthquakes in which the depth is linearly identical along the same fault, were produced by linear projection of induced frequencies.

2. The configuration of satellites permits the generation of concentrated projections of frequencies at determined points (Hippocampus).

3. They have developed a diagram regarding the linear sequence of the reported earthquakes which coincidentally were all produced at the same depth.

Venezuela 8 January 2010. Depth 10 kms.
Honduras 11 January 2010. Depth 10 kms.
Haiti 12 January 2010. Depth 10 kms.

The rest of the aftershocks had depths of around 10 kms.

Following the earthquake, the Pentagon stated that the hospital ship USNS Comfort, which was then docked at Baltimore, began to recall its crew to leave for Haiti, even though several days would pass before the arrival of the ship. Naval Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that the United States Army was at work preparing the emergency response to the disaster.

[Lieutenant General Douglas M.] Fraser, of the Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), said that United States Coast Guard cutters and Navy ships in the region also were sent to offer aid though they have limited relief supplies and helicopters. The super carrier USS Carl Vinson will be sent from the naval base at Norfolk, Virginia, with a full complement of planes and helicopters, it arrived in Haiti in the early afternoon of January 14, said Fraser. Additional groups of helicopters would join the Vinson, he stated.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), was already operating in Haiti before the quake.

President Obama was informed of the earthquake at 5:52 in the afternoon the 12th of January and he asked his staff to ensure that employees of the embassy were safe and that they begin preparations to provide the necessary humanitarian aid.

According to the russian report, the Department of State, USAID, and the Southern Command of the United States began their work of "humanitarian invasion" sending 10,000 soldiers and contractors, to control, in place of the UN, Haitian territory after the devastating "experimental earthquake."

Hugo's losing it completely down there. Or maybe I should write, "Hugo's finally showing us" that he lost it a long time ago.



Update, Wednesday, Feb. 3, 6:26 PM

I have edited my original copy for accuracy on the question of whether Hugo Chavez himself has spoken the charge in a documented source. Alek Boyd has clarified that, while there is support for the story from no fewer than four sources within the Chavez regime and, a Chavez political organization, Chavez has not been recorded as making the charge in person. StJ.

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