Saturday, May 17, 2008

Blog Link - "Hugo Chavez:  Sponsor of Terrorism" Editor Aleksander Boyd

With so much going up on the web in the past few days following the release of the Interpol report authenticating the information divulged from the Reyes laptops, I would like to take a brief moment to recommend a short, but valuable statement of three paragraphs Aleksander Boyd has posted at

The real aftermath of the Interpol report should be that the defenders of Chavez can no longer be treated as unknowing dupes of a sponsor of terror.  I quote:

". . . From this day on, anyone openly siding with Chavez is, by association, a supporter of terrorism and should be treated as such by authorities and public opinion worldwide.  The honey moon has ended."

I encourage everyone to keep an eye on VCrisis.  If you lose track of its name, I have them on the links sidebar as "Venezuela in Crisis."



Anonymous said...

President Hugo Chavez is responsible for countless human rights violations. He is currently holding many political prisoners, all of whom were imprisoned by the Venezuelan government on trumped-up charges in cases with manifest due process violations.
If you are interested in this issue you should check out

StJacques said...


I have posted a separate blog entry to inform my readers of the TellChá website, which you can view at this post.  I wish you all success and I invite you to keep me informed.

Thank you for the heads up.