Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Trying to Spin Tomorrow's Interpol Report Ahead of Time


Slain FARC Terrorist Leader Raul Reyes

Tomorrow the long-awaited and much-anticipated report from the Interpol computer forensics team will be presented to the public containing the results of their investigation into the four laptop computers recovered from former FARC terrorist leader Raul Reyes, who was killed in the March 1 cross-border raid into Ecuador.  The Interpol team was specifically tasked with an examination of the possibility of file tampering or hard drive manipulation on the part of the Colombian government so as to substantiate the authenticity of the Reyes Documents, whose contents have produced damaging revelations for Hugo Chavez, Rafael Correa, and others regarding the nexus of contacts in place and maintained to support the FARC's war on the Colombian government.  Translation:  They are going to tell us whether the Colombian government or anyone else planted new information on the hard drives or manipulated files that already existed before they were seized.

It should come as no surprise to anyone who is aware of the awful support network that is in place in this country to support Chavez and his program that there is a rush on to control the spin of the information that will be made public when Interpol substantiates the veracity of the document content.  It is a sickening sight to see how the American news media permits blatantly open supporters of Chavez to appear suddenly and contest the authenticity of the Reyes documents -- before Interpol even releases its report -- presenting themselves as "experts" whose opinions can be taken as an objective analysis.  But we all knew it would happen, so we shouldn't be astounded, especially since the Chavez regime is jumping on the news, releasing it as fact in Venzuela.

Venezuelan Dissident & Blogger Gustavo Coronel

I encourage everyone to visit the Las Armas de Coronel blog to read this blog entry by Venezuelan dissident and all-round pesadilla de Chávez Gustavo Coronel.  Mr. Coronel nails the pre-emptive spin doctoring by the likes of Mark Weisbrot, Daniel Hellinger, James Early, and Miguel Tinker-Salas as nothing less than the purest form of leftist adulation and media-sponsored deception.  Go and get the truth!

Oh, by the way, those guys know nothing about computer forensics, not that it makes much difference to the American media.

¡Buen hecho Señor Coronel!


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