Saturday, June 21, 2008

Is the Wheel of Karma Turning Against Chavez?


Gustavo Coronel has put up a short but excellent overview of recent events in Latin America which seem to suggest that Hugo Chavez's international aspirations for spreading his Bolivarian revolution are failing and that the momentum is currently against him almost everywhere in the region.  And Coronel's opinion is not entirely his own, as you will be able to read that many among the Latin American Left have been angered over Chavez's recent about face in his announcement of his withdrawal of support for the FARC in the wake of the revelations emanating from the laptops of slain narcoguerrilla leader Raul Reyes, which have turned international opinion against Chavez to a considerable degree and emboldened the opposition to leftist regimes he supports throughout Latin America.

I would like to point out that in a recent blog entry of my own I wrote that "I believe that the current political trends in the region are against Chavez and Populism" as I discussed the prospects for a post-Chavez era in Venezuela.  In Coronel's blog you will see that some of the latest developments in Bolivia, Argentina, Ecuador, and Cuba all portend for the imminent failure of Chavez's political project and may point to the impending end of his own tenure in Venezuela as well.  Given that the evidence presented is of much more recent origin I think it safe to say that you can believe Coronel's version more easily than mine.

Here is the link.  Go and read "SOCIALISM OF THE XXI CENTURY IS STILLBORN."


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