Friday, June 6, 2008's Proposal for National Restructuring (Translation)

The following document is a translation of's Propuesta de restructuracion nacional which I have included as a supplemental post to accompany the introduction to the organization I have posted in a separate blog entry.


Translation:  A Proposal for National Restructuring
Publishing Author:  Silvia Perez

A Proposal for National Restructuring

Outline of the program:

1.  To strengthen personal and community security at the national level.  Immediate reorganization of police bodies and military forces.

2.  De-politicization of national institutions:  (judicial and legal system, electoral system, health care, DIEX [Identification and Immigration Office], etc.

3.  An immediate and definitive eradication of armed groups of civilians in the service of the executive.  To extradite groups infiltrating agencies of the state, brought from abroad for such purposes.

4.  Immediate reform of the Organic Code of Criminal Procedure.

5.  Implementation of a program of an ongoing military presence and patrols at the borders.

6.  To reformulate economic policy, doing away with populist pseudo-socialist politicking.  It has been proved that such programs have not produced any positive result towards the eradication of poverty in any country in the world, on the contrary, they have introduced a dangerous phenomenon:  the proliferation of excessive corruption at all levels, a direct product of the all-powerful and clientelist state.

7.  Complete and profound revision of all educational programs, and to eradicate those which relate to "political catechism," as is now happening.  To initiate an educational campaign of easy access and understanding for all sectors in matters of politics, economics, and history.

8.  To rebuild PDVSA [Petróleos de Venezuela], restoring all technical/executive personnel to their duties.  Immediate dismissal of all government officials and people outside the industry.

9.  To reactivate and modernize the economy on the basis of absolute freedom, eliminating the interventionism of the state and obsolete labor laws.

10.  To reformulate foreign policy.  To eliminate relationships and commitments with avowedly Marxist and authoritarian countries that are detrimental to the interests of the nation (Read Cuba).

11.  To regain the trust and respect at the international level of those friendly countries who represent an example for democratic Venezuela.  To regain the trust of domestic and international investors, offering a legal and juridical framework that guarantees the security and stability of their investments.

12.  To implement a program of the eradication of poverty and illiteracy.

13.  Prosecution and imprisonment for the perpetrators of crimes against humanity.

14.  To eliminate the use and abuse of the name of Bolivar and the Bolivarian ideals that have been vilely distorted for political purposes totally opposed to the teachings of the Father of the Country.

(I am leaving room so that more points can be added.)

Silvia Perez

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