Monday, February 1, 2010

Alek Boyd on the Changing Story of April 11, 2002 and the BBC's Role in Hiding and Altering the Truth About It

Chavez ta ponchao: Where's BBC professionalism when most need it?

Alek Boyd

Venezuela will now become the front and center focus of this blog for some time to come, as I see events heating up there in a way that is creating a new dynamic. Yes; I will still keep an eye on what is going down in Cuba and elsewhere, but what is happening in Venezuela right now is just too important to ignore. I will be posting a second entry here in a few hours to begin a discussion of the political context of the upcoming parliamentary elections later this year using a translation I am preparing of an editorial published in the Colombian newspaper El Espectador yesterday by Venezuelan author and journalist Ibsen Martinez that will examine changing attitudes towards electoral abstentionism in Venezuelan politics as they relate to the upcoming elections.

But before I post my original entry I want to direct everyone to an important issue Alek Boyd, who I introduced in this blog in May, 2008, has raised within his most recent post, translated in part, Chavez You're Out: Where's BBC professionalism when most need it?.

Right now the Chavez regime is attempting to legitimize its closure of RCTV by rewriting history and it is most unfortunate that the Mainstream Media in the more developed world, Great Britain and Europe in this instance, seem to be cooperating. At the center of this controversy is the "rewriting" of the historical record of the events of April 11, 2002 in Venezuela, when Chavez was almost forced to resign from office (he actually did but then reneged), as part of a treason and sedition charge being fabricated against RCTV's Miguel A. Rodriguez.

It is bad enough to see Chavez do it. But how can more "responsible" (this term sticks in my throat right now) media organizations like the BBC cooperate?

This is a very important issue. We cannot let the MSM go free when they engage in this kind of deception.



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