Thursday, February 4, 2010

Article Link: "2010 Will be a Reckoning for Hugo Chavez"


. . . Despite the stiff competition of years past, though, 2010 is already taking shape as a year of reckoning for the country, the man, and the ideology. The coming months will write a defining chapter in the history of Venezuela, Chávez and Chavismo. . . .
Frida Ghitis, World Politics Review

Since my own posts betray an obvious distaste for Hugo Chavez and his Bolivarian madness, I think it might be worthwhile to view an examination of the current political crisis confronting Chavismo from a more disinterested perspective.

I encourage everyone to take a moment and read the article at World Politics Review by Frida Ghitis, "2010 Will be a Reckoning for Hugo Chavez."

The author gives an accurate overview of the current problems facing everyday Venezuelans and how they are causing them to turn away from Chavez. She makes very clear that the parliamentary elections for this year will be a turning point in the Chavez presidency, a point with which I concur completely.

And I also loved the following, from the same article:

. . . As Venezuelans debate who is to blame for their problems, the rest of the continent is quickly reaching its own conclusions. Chavismo, the ideology that for a time appeared poised to sweep across Latin America, is steadily losing adherents. . . .

Great read!


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