Tuesday, February 2, 2010

So How is Chavez Doing? A Recent Hinterlaces Poll


Translation:  Regime, You're Out! (as a baseball umpire would say)

I'm going to extend a tip of the hat to Gustavo Coronel here, who just posted the results of a very interesting public opinion poll conducted by Hinterlaces gauging Venezuelan public opinion towards Hugo Chavez, which I think makes a nice supplement to my entry of yesterday on the problem of abstentionism as it relates to the upcoming parliamentary elections in Venezuela later this year. You can give this a quick look and take hope.

The basic results: 77% of Venezuelans blame Hugo Chavez and his team for the bad situation in which the country now finds itself; 62% do not trust Hugo Chavez; and perhaps most importantly, 60% of Venezuelans say they will vote for opposition candidates in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

It looks like Daniel Duquenal's argument that "the election is for the opposition to lose" holds water when compared against the hard numbers of this recent poll.

¡Buen Hecho Gustavo!



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